Fun things I’ve been thinking about…

I’ve been dreaming about a trip I took last weekend to Nags Head with my college besties. We hadn’t all been together in over five years, which is crazy! It was just like old times being back together. We had so much fun and got along just as well as we used to, but it was so weird to have SO much to catch up on! We brought games to play and movies to watch, but we just ended up spending every second talking and catching up. It was good for the soul. Good to be at the beach too, of course. 😉

Since getting back from my travels, I’ve been SO TIRED. As in, fatigued. I’m thinking I must be a bit depressed about spring break being over and having lots of work left to do for the semester, but being bummed that I don’t get to just keep hanging out with my good friends. Working on finding joy and energy!

Hoping that warm weather is here to stay sooner rather than later (please don’t snow this weekend!) because I need sunshine.

Whit took off work during my spring break so we could go on a hike. It happened to be the most beautiful day of the week (and so far, the year!). We chatted the whole way, and I tried to convince Whit we need to get a dog in the next year-ish. Fingers crossed! I need to be surrounded by animals, all the time.


from Google

Speaking of Animal(s), I randomly decided I want to get a Muppet to go in the back of my car. You know how weird people have stuffed animals in the back of their cars? I want that. A Muppet would be perfect – Animal, specifically. We’ll see if we can make it happen.


from LL Bean

LL Bean. For the third time, I’ve mailed in my years-old, worn out waterproof rain jacket ($80 retail value) for a brand. new. one. At NO cost. No shipping cost, no return fee. Whit’s Wicked Good slippers (which are genuinely wicked good, I’ve gone through a few pairs myself) were worn down to the sole. He got a brand new pair. Again, free. While we were at it, I decided to trade in my fluorescent blue backpack for a black one, just because I was kind of sick of the color. I printed a free return label, filled out the form, and about a week later had three new items! How’s that for a lifetime guarantee. Thank you, thank you, thank you LL Bean! Anytime I can, I will invest in your products, because I know I can continue to use them for literally the rest of my life. And even more, I got a bonus $20 gift card in store credit. What the heck. LL Bean for the win.

{No picture because I don’t want to post a pic of someone else’s kids}

Twins are kinda rare, right? I’ve never known but a few sets during my lifetime. But for some reason 2015 was the reason of the twins. I know FOUR couples who had a set of twins between last summer and now. (Congrats, Laura! I can’t stop staring at pictures of your little boy & girl!) FOUR! That is wild.

Lastly, we celebrated Whit’s birthday this weekend! I threw a party for him at my friends’ house. They happily hosted, which I was thankful for because if they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have been able to attend because one of them is practically deathly allergic to our cat. It was so fun hanging out with a group of friends, new and old. Yay for Whit starting the last year of his twenties!

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