On the Baby Stage and Feeling Left Out

One challenge with being in your twenties is that this stage of life often feels like a checklist. You date, get married, have kids, buy a house. Whenever you aren't doing those things, or aren't doing them at the same time as your friends, it's easy to feel left out. Here's my experience... Whit and … Continue reading On the Baby Stage and Feeling Left Out

When You Feel Like the Only One

Just things I was thinking about... Being 28, married for six years, and not yet in the stage of having kids is isolating. It's fantastic that my friends have or are having children. But since my husband and I aren't trying to be in that stage yet, I feel alone. I feel disconnected from my … Continue reading When You Feel Like the Only One


Fun things I've been thinking about... I've been dreaming about a trip I took last weekend to Nags Head with my college besties. We hadn't all been together in over five years, which is crazy! It was just like old times being back together. We had so much fun and got along just as well … Continue reading Lately