Friday Things

Links links links! Re-think what you put on your skin. The dirty dozen. I want dis. The definition of hell for each Myers Briggs type. These words are nice. If I got them, I'd have to go for these. In brown of course. Mike's on tour again. The cutest lane. Sorry for another Buzzfeed. Now … Continue reading Friday Things

Trash or Treasure

Current trends Gladiator Sandals - TREASURE It's taken me a while to get on this trend, but I finally am into them. Here's the catch - they can't be overly strappy. Otherwise it just looks like your feet are in prison.   Birkenstock Sandals - TRASH I hate saying that, but I had decided I … Continue reading Trash or Treasure

Some Outfits

Just a few things I've worn here and there. Thought it might be fun to document a little bit! Please forgive the lighting and overall quality slash facial expressions.