More Thoughts for a Monday Night

My friend Aicel rigged me up on Jillian Michaels’ 30-day shred video. I did the first one in Denver, which was insane, because I could barely breathe due to the altitude! Fortunately it made it that much easier to do it the second time. I took a bold leap and moved on to Level 2 tonight. It’s quite the workout.

Now, I’m a yoga girl (yogi I guess you could say), and I do NOT like the way she yells at me! I want my instructor to tell me to not push past what I’m capable of, to not go to a place where I feel like I’m gonna die. But it’s a different method, so I’m trying it. And since I started I’ve lost a couple of pounds. That’s all I really want to lose, is a couple of pounds. So I’ll keep it up so I can keep working towards a flat belly.

I mean, I’m going to Puerto Rico in a month! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh!

My cousin is getting married, and I’ve been saving up so we don’t have to use our vacation money to go. (Whit’s particular about how many Phish shows he wants us to go to in a given year. I’m not arguing. But I gotta have my beaches. So I’m going by myself. It works!)

I also have high motivation to work out because I need to prepare my legs for snowboarding. We have a trip planned for this Saturday, and I’m nervous that I’m not going to be ready. Last year, I couldn’t walk correctly for a WEEK. I’m not kidding! A solid week.

Furthermore into my brain-happenings, I wish to inform you that I’m happily enjoying continuing to check things off my to-do list, whilst also having actual free time in the evenings to just sit on the couch, blog, read, whatever. YAY.

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