New York Girls

When I visited NYC with my family at Christmas time, I noticed that most of the women around my age (college-age or mid-twenties) dressed similarly.

picture from A Cup of Jo blog

When we rode the train back from the city, I couldn’t help but notice the lady sitting next to me. She was wearing a black coat, dark clothing, tousled hair under a gray beanie, lipstick, and bare face. She looked stunning. I kept glancing over at her on our ride, hoping to soak up some of her New York City glam and her carefree attitude.

I looked around the train and recalled the people I had seen earlier in the day, and was baffled that most of the women were wearing black coats, many wore beanies (since when is that in style??!), and didn’t have makeup except for lipstick. My mom brought me up to speed by informing me that New York City girls have worn all-black since way back in the day. Here is the look on A Cup of Jo blog.

Have you ever noticed this NYC outfit? What do you think of it? It is crazy to me that one can look so stylish while wearing such simple things. How do they do it?!

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