Snow Day Links

Really good video about people’s perception of breastfeeding vs. just having your boobs out blatantly. (Okay, my personal opinion on this topic is that I obviously think people should be okay with breastfeeding in public, but that does NOT mean that women need to think it’s okay to have their boobs out – breastfeeding or not. Because whether you want them to be or not, boobs are sexual, and should be treated with modesty.)

The most famous dogs from TV.

The sweetest kids.

What really happens to your clothing donations. So, I think this article is bashing donation companies, but I disagree that it’s a bad thing for Goodwill, for example, to sell their castoff donated clothes to other individuals/companies. It helps the economy keep going, and helps more people make money, and allows for no waste. Read this book if you’re interested!

What a great guy.

This dog is amazing.

You’ve probably seen this, but it’s so crazy. Makes me so glad I am studying development.

I loved reading through the comments on this Cup of Jo post. What was your first dance song? Ours was Moondance by Van Morrison.

I’m also a little behind on this, but what did you think of the new barbie? I think all of them are fantastic!

This was funny.

PS Happy 9th (dating) anniversary to us! Whit took me out on our first date NINE years ago yesterday! So crazy. We had a typical Valentine’s dinner yesterday but next year I want to do something awesome for our tenth!!

Plus, Happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day!

*Image by Shay Cochrane

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