30 Days to Fit

This time last year I was hoping to lose a little bit of weight. Usually I go through cycles throughout the year where my weight is a little higher or a little lower depending on the season. However, I noticed that I didn't lose a few pounds like I normally do during the summer, so … Continue reading 30 Days to Fit

Doing Stuff and Baking Bread

Hey, wow, what do you know? I'm blogging again! It's been quite some time, for very good reasons. The one advice I got for the summer before grad school was to "get rest," as was my biggest goal for May-August. Apparently, life happened differently than I would've planned on, and most of that rest wasn't … Continue reading Doing Stuff and Baking Bread


Confession: I once stole a magazine that I liked from a doctor's office, because I wanted to finish reading it. (That's allowed, right??) Confession: I never ate a salad for a meal until the year 2012. Probably why I have gluten intolerance. Confession: My favorite genre of movie is sci-fi thriller, or action/adventure, but I … Continue reading Confessions