Trash or Treasure

Current trends Gladiator Sandals - TREASURE It's taken me a while to get on this trend, but I finally am into them. Here's the catch - they can't be overly strappy. Otherwise it just looks like your feet are in prison.   Birkenstock Sandals - TRASH I hate saying that, but I had decided I … Continue reading Trash or Treasure

Favorite Finds Lately

Here are some of the best new items I've purchased...   So, Anthropologie decided to be a winner and give 20% off their entire store for Mother's Day weekend. I stocked up on Rifle Paper Company cards and a few goodies that I'd been wanting for around the house. I was planning to return this … Continue reading Favorite Finds Lately

Some Outfits

Just a few things I've worn here and there. Thought it might be fun to document a little bit! Please forgive the lighting and overall quality slash facial expressions.              

Hair Stuff

You know what I think is crazy? The way people talk about middle parts as if they were never a thing. HELLO! They were a thing like, five years ago! Don't you have any recollection of that?? And most importantly, do you not remember the nineties? All I could think about (in terms of hair) … Continue reading Hair Stuff