Weekend Trip to Burlington

Or, The One Where We Celebrate Whit's Birthday SONY DSC Like I mentioned before, I planned a surprise trip to Burlington, Vermont for Whit's birthday. He gave me permission to use some of our vacation money, which is very trusting of him since he had no idea what I was scheming. For weeks, I had … Continue reading Weekend Trip to Burlington

Favorite Sayings

Yikes-a-bee Bad news bears The ol' switcheroo Are you ready, Freddy? (Particularly when the response is, "Let's hit the road, Toad") Done and done. Dieyah! Sheez louise (-my dad) Am I right? Am I right? There, there. There, there, there, there. One millimeter (to exaggerate) I hear me (when no one else "hears ya") OD! … Continue reading Favorite Sayings