Friday Links

Monica Gellar's and others' apartments. What do you think about this? The generic sofa. I don't see what's so bad about a lot of them. And the ones she recommend look SO uncomfortable. I couldn't stand to get a sofa that only comes up to your lower back. What would be the point of that?! … Continue reading Friday Links

Friday Links

I like these things... I officially think Kristen Bell is cool. I want every outfit and hairstyle of hers in this, and appreciate her parenting perspective here. It goes against everything about me, but I think this commercial is really funny. Want these jeans. I don't know about you, but I am so mad that … Continue reading Friday Links

Friday Things

I like these things... We're leaving for a weekend vacation this afternoon. I'm exhausted from prepping for it! Do you ever feel like that? Hah. I thought I only had an hour or two of things to gather up and go to the store for this morning, but it ended up taking ALL morning, plus … Continue reading Friday Things


Confession: I once stole a magazine that I liked from a doctor's office, because I wanted to finish reading it. (That's allowed, right??) Confession: I never ate a salad for a meal until the year 2012. Probably why I have gluten intolerance. Confession: My favorite genre of movie is sci-fi thriller, or action/adventure, but I … Continue reading Confessions